I finally get a chance to tell you our news. The baby is here!

I wanted to have a natural delivery but ended up with the C, mainly due to my doctor’s reluctance to wait longer and she was telling me all the things that were leading up to needing a C. I truly think it could have been natural had I had the chance to wait longer. Oh well. It is all past now. I came home yesterday and now have a chance to tell you all the details.

Lila Chanelle D’souza was born on April 27th, weighing 3.5 kgs. (7.7lb), and 20 inches long. Want to see her?

Her first picture, taken by daddy. I was still in surgery.

Daddy and Lila have some bonding time in the hospital.

Logan and Lila – 5 days old.

The little princess.

Her first bed.

Logan really loves his little sister.

I think my recovery this time has been faster than last, even though this time I have had the baby with me all the time and last time I didn’t. I did have help in the hospital though. Some friends took turns spending the first few days and all the nights with me, which really made a difference, especially when I couldn’t move. Daddy had to be at home with Logan and they got time to bond. Logan also learned how to run the house as daddy had to take him everywhere he went.

They came to visit me every day and Logan got used to me being gone, but I think he finally realized I was gone and started to miss me and cried the last time he had to leave. He was so happy when I finally came with him.

Logan still has to learn how to be gentle with her. He wants to touch her all the time and I have to remind him to be gentle or else he grabs her roughly, not trying to hurt her but he doesn’t know any better. So I can’t leave her in his reach, ha.

She is nursing well now that my milk has come in. She can be so demanding when the food is slow in coming. (I think this is a Taurean trait. They love their food.) She also sleeps well, even at night, only waking twice to nurse last night. That was a relief as the previous night she had a bad night and was awake screaming most of the night due to gas pains. I had eaten the food they served in the hospital and I think that did it. I was more careful yesterday and was rewarded with a good nights sleep.

I’ve forgotten how much newborns love to sleep. Today she has hardly been awake at all. Even now she is sleeping on my lap as I type this. I’d better go tuck her in bed so I can eat.

So now you can look forward to hearing more about her and life with two children instead of one.

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  1. Congratulations! I didn’t realize you were so close to having your baby. She was 10 days early, just like Laurence. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your little girl, it’s great to have one of each. I hope your recovery goes well with the C-section. Praying for you!P.S.Love the name Lila…sounds so familiar…. 😉 heheh

  2. Hey Mercy, I'm so happy you had your little girl. Glad everything went well, even though it was a C section. We just got back from our cruise today. We had a lot of fun & want to go on another cruise, maybe one in Europe, & then later to India. We will see. Lila looks so sweet. I love you & am happy everything went well. Love always, Dad


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