Some New Pics

Here they are, the pics you’ve been waiting for.

Cool cats! I love this one.

Ready to pray before sleep.

Here is the new haircut from the front…

and side…

and back. Not bad for my second try at giving him a cool style.

He is quite good at the wooden puzzles. He loves taking the pieces out and bringing them to me.

Playing in the toy basket.

Swimming fun. It was actually a chlorinated pool, but the material it was built out of made the water look brown. Logan is playing in the overflow spot. It was just the right size and depth for him. He wasn’t so happy going in the deeper water with daddy.

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  1. I love the pictures. Logan is growing & he looks so much like you. Hey, you can go to my old blog,, I just posted something on it. I might keep it going. Well see. I'm praying you have a safe delivery.Love you lots. Dad


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