New Stuff About Logan

Up until recently, Logan would only watch Baby Einstein and enjoy it. But now he has a new favorite video. He likes to watch the beginning of “Lady and the Tramp”, the part when Lady is a puppy and running around. He loses interest by the time the dogs start talking, but up until then he watches it excitedly. Since the laptop has been broken he wasn’t watching any videos and was missing them, so tonight I sat with him and we watched the above video. He was so happy.

He also has reached a stage where if he can’t get what he wants immediately, he will cry and throw a fit. I am teaching him not to do that by telling him to stop when he does it and he takes it pretty well.

I cut his hair again. I buzzed most of it but left some on the top. He looks so cute and more grown up. As soon as I get some new batteries for the camera, I will take a pic and post all the old ones I have.

Today I took him to the baby store to buy a new bib. While there he spotted a rocking horse and wanted to ride it, so I put him on. You should have seen his face light up when it started moving. It was like the most exciting thing he had done in a long time. We also took time to browse through the toys and I showed him one that made music. He loved it and wanted to press the buttons over and over. I finally had to distract him from it so we could leave.

He is really into music now. Any music he hears, no matter where it is coming from, he wants to dance to it. He will move his hands in time to the music and has good rhythm. I am thinking of getting him a drum set when he is a little older. That is, if my ears can handle the racket.

Here is a pic I haven’t posted yet. He does very well at feeding himself, though he is quite messy and I usually stick him in the shower when he is done.

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