Of Dogs, Dinner and Due Dates

Have I ever told you how much Logan loves dogs? Let me rephrase that: he is obsessed with dogs. Size doesn’t matter; he isn’t scared of them at all. He will approach any dog and gets offended when he can’t get near a dog. For example, at my doctor’s office they have two dogs. One of them is friendly but the other doesn’t like children for some reason and got upset when Logan came around. Logan got upset because he couldn’t spend the time waiting for me playing with the dog. Daddy had to take him out to keep the peace. Poor little boy.

He has a book of baby animals and at least 10 times a day he opens it to the page with the puppy and gets excited over it and waves at it. Then he turns to the page with the fox (convinced that it is a dog) and waves at it. Any time he hears a dog bark he listens closely and lets me know the dog is there. Poor Sinbad has to take the brunt of Logan’s obsession. Logan will at least once or twice a day, when I’m not looking, go to the dog and stick his fingers in the dog’s nose and mouth. The dog just lays there and takes it. I have to go to the dog’s defence and rescue him. I keep telling Logan to be gentle on the dog, but he doesn’t get the point. I just hope he doesn’t try the same thing on the baby.

Speaking of the baby, I’m due in 5 weeks. Only 5 weeks until I am a mother of 2. Only 5 more weeks to sleep. If you don’t hear from me after I have the baby, it will be because I am using all spare minutes to sleep. Logan finally sleeps almost through the night, waking only once or twice for water. Yes, he is off the milk bottle. Yippie! One more success. But I expect to not sleep at all with the baby. When Logan was born, I was so tired that in the night I often didn’t hear him wake up even though he was right next to me. Glad would wake me up saying, “I think he wants to nurse.” And I would say, “But I just nursed him.” The whole night was one big blur for the first few weeks. I hope it will be easier this time. And I hope Logan will sleep through the baby or I don’t know what I’ll do. Glad already plans to sleep on the sofa, but I’m working on convincing him that I need him there for when Logan wakes up.

The family we are living with are gone for a few months visa trip so we are alone here, which means I am doing things I’ve not had to do, like cooking. I can manage simple things like breakfast and lunch but dinner takes more thought. For the past two nights I’ve taken time to look up recipes online just to get some ideas. But Logan isn’t too happy with me having to work more and pay him less attention. Maybe this will help him adjust to when the baby comes. I’m not used to having to plan ahead for meals so it takes me time to do it, but I am getting in the swing of it and will probably be a good cook soon. It’s not that I’ve never cooked before but it’s been so long that I’m out of practice. Oh well, at least I can now make the food that I like to eat.

Ok, it’s late and I need to sleep. I’ll post some pics next time.

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