Learning, Learning, and Loving Food

Logan is learning lots of new things these days. One thing he does that no one taught him is covering his ears when there is a loud noise. I guess that one is inborn. He is also doing well in eating with a spoon. He almost has that one down. When he forgets to use the spoon and I remind him, he will sometimes pick up the food with his hand and put it on the spoon.

And you’ll never guess what his new favorite food is – channa! Or as we call it in english, chickpeas. They are one of the staples of an Indian diet. Here they are usually prepared in a spicy sauce and Logan likes them that way, but will also eat them in a salad or just on their own. The other day he was offered pasta or channa salad for lunch and guess which he chose? The salad. He is quite the Indian boy. Though he will eat pasta, he doesn’t love it like I do. He also saw the salad leftovers being served the next day and wanted it with the rest of his meal. He will also eat beets, dhal (lentils), and pretty much any Indian dish. If it is very spicy I simply add yoghurt to it like the locals do and that helps to cut the spice.

Of course if I was to put a cookie or chocolate or ice cream in front of him, he will leave all this favorite healthy food and want that instead. In that he takes after his father and me. Not that we eat it all the time but we do like to have the occasional sweet and he likes the ones we do. But I’m happy he eats so well and likes healthy food.

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