It’s That Time of Year

Yes, it has come around again, my little sister’s birthday. She would say she is not so little; I guess 25 is “getting up there”, and she is a mother of 4, soon to be 5 children.
So Anaik, happy birthday. I hope you have a great fun day. Now, do I have a picture of you that I can post so my readers can see you? Let me look. Ok, I found one. This is fairly recent. The guy is my “little” brother Steve who was visiting my mom and sis. I haven’t seen him for about 7 years; he’s bigger than I remember. (Yes, he is younger than me.)

Anaik and I are due to have our babies about 2 weeks apart. Doesn’t she look good for being 6 months pg? And I have to show you a pic of her adorable boys. From left to right they are Jacen, Keith, Brian, and Sonny. Steve is in the back. I just love their curly blond hair. Every time I see them I wonder how she manages. I thought life was adventurous enough with just one.

We are going on a trip tomorrow, to Bangalore. I’ve not been back since moving here but Glad went a few times. We are going to attend a meeting/get-together. I don’t really look forward to the trip as Logan doesn’t like sitting in the car for so long. Just driving around town with him is a trial as about 5 to 10 minutes after starting he starts to fuss and nothing will make him happy. The drive down will take 5 or 6 hours. I hope he decides to sleep so that my hair won’t fall out. Actually, he never sleeps in the car unless he is super tired, so I am going to bring some books and toys and LOTS of snacks. I’ve heard that snacks can keep a child busy, happy and distracted in the car; the way he fusses I’m willing to try anything.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Wow, This is the first time I’ve seen Steven, my son, in oh about 8 or 9 years. If you have Stevens ear, have him write me some time. Anaiks kids do look cute. Love ya. Dad


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