Baby Talk

Just yesterday I was lying down and Logan came over to talk. I asked him where the baby was and he patted my tummy and said “baba”. I never taught him that one. He figured it out on his own. It was so cute. And now any time I ask him where the baby is, he will pat my tummy and say “baba”. I want him to be used to the idea of a baby being in the house and taking some of the time he used to have to himself.
He is making a lot more sounds these days. They show how much he is growing up and changing. He isn’t a baby any more but isn’t quite a toddler yet either. There must be some inbetween phase that has yet to be discovered. He knows how to wave now and blow a kiss. He doesn’t quite have the kiss part down yet as to do it he will lick his hand and then blow bubbles at you. But it’s cute.
I wish you all could see him. You would love to play with him. This morning he was playing with the plastic animals along with daddy. Daddy would make the sound for each animal and Logan would laugh so hard when each one came sneaking up to him. His reactions are too cute.

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  1. Sweet, how old is Logan now? And congratulations on the second baby, I bet you guys are very happy 🙂 Logan sounds like a real cutie pie.

  2. Logan is almost 15 months old. He is becoming more of a rascal by the day.


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