Merry Christmas, Everyone!

We had a good Christmas. I did lots of baking and Logan did lots of eating, though I kept his sweet intake to a minimum. The one thing he absolutely loves is chocolate, so if I don’t want him to have it, I have to hide it or not eat it around him.

Something else we did this season is we attended the wedding of a friend of the family we are living with. That was an interesting experience. We got to see how an Indian wedding is conducted, well the reception at least. We didn’t go for the wedding itself. I’ll show you a few pictures.

Logan and Mommy all dressed up for the event.

Daddy waiting for dinner.

Handsome boy having fun.

This is how they served the food for so many people, at least five hundred. The pots were gigantic and there must have been at least ten of them.

Hungry daddy waiting while his food is served.

Eating in the traditional way. The food is served on banana leaves and you eat it with your right hand. I had a tough time of it as I don’t usually eat with my hands. On top of it I had to feed Logan, with him squished on my lap, and I had to keep his hands out of the food so he wouldn’t spill it on me.

The newlyweds. They had to take pictures with every family that was there. It took them at least two hours.

Logan having fun with some new friends.

The little rascal standing up in the tub.

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  1. Wow, that would be a lot of people to have to cook for. What was dinner? At least you didn’t have to do the dishes afterward. We too had a good Christmas here in Austin, Tx. Love to all there.Dad

    • The food was biryani, a traditional dish with a rice base, chicken, some veggies, and lots of spices.


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