Love with Partiality

Just today I saw that in action. I was getting Logan into bed and daddy came to say goodnight. Logan loves it when daddy plays with him and was getting excited about the play, but then daddy asked for a kiss. Well, he should know by now that Logan doesn’t give him kisses willingly, yet he continues to ask all the time.

Usually Logan will pull away or try to hit him and will then finally give the requested kiss, but this time he was already in bed drinking his bottle. He had stopped drinking to laugh at daddy’s play, but as soon as daddy said, “Give me a kiss”, you should have seen how fast that bottle flew into his mouth again. Daddy asked again and Logan turned to the side away from daddy, more intent than ever on the bottle.

So daddy turned him on his back and pulled the bottle out of his mouth while Logan held on to it for dear life, and asked for a kiss again. Logan saw there was no way out so he opened his mouth (that is how he gives a kiss, by opening his mouth and slobbering on whichever part of the body you happen to put near it) and gave a dutiful kiss. Then the bottle was back in his mouth.

A minute later when daddy was out of the room I asked Logan for a kiss and he immediately took the bottle out of his mouth and gave me one! Now who is being partial?

He has gotten so attached to me in the past month. He used to be daddy’s boy, always saying “dada” and wanting daddy, but now he will cry if I so much as put him in daddy’s arms when he wants to be with me. And it’s not just a cry but a pitiful “mama”. I feel so loved. He is too intelligent.

Here are some of the latest pics I have.

Checking out the Christmas tree just after it was put up. Now he isn’t so gentle with it. He races up to it and pulls as hard as he can on the decorations on the lower branches, which are starting to droop.

Busy man playing with his toys.

Eating noodles, one food he really likes.

“Mom made me sit here.”

Baby Santa. He doesn’t like wearing the hat but I think it is so cute on him. Just getting these pics took a lot of work as he wouldn’t sit still.

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  1. hey our little santa …he surely looks very cute..

  2. He is starting to really look like you Mercy, I must admit. I think most babies are like him and show partiality to mommy first, then to Daddy later. Ha! Have a Merrry Christmas.


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