Growing Rascal

This is just an update on Logan.

He can now pull himself into a standing position while holding the furniture. He did it the other day when I wasn’t looking and I was so surprised to see him standing by the bed instead of kneeling like he usually does. Now he tries it a few times a day for practice sake. I can see him soon standing on his own and walking can’t be too far away.

He also loves exploring on his own. He will crawl all over the house and get into EVERYTHING. If it is not out of his reach, he will take it. You should see what the newspaper looks like after he gets his hands on it! Right now he is ripping each small piece into an even smaller piece. Sooner or later he has to put one of those pieces in his mouth and then I have to take the newspaper away from him.

Something else he has been doing lately (that is NOT good) is waking up in the middle of the night JUST TO PLAY! Can you imagine? I usually wake up from the noise of toys being thrown or some such thing and then I have to stay awake until he is ready to fall asleep again. I can lay him down and pat him all I want, but he won’t sleep until he is good and ready. And if I leave him alone in his bed, within seconds he is up and trying to reach me in my bed. So I have been falling asleep on his bed on the floor. I lie next to him and make him lie still but I usually fall asleep first.

Thankfully he doesn’t do this every night. I can’t wait to get the crib ’cause then he won’t be able to get out. Can you imagine what it is like to wake up to noises in your room and discovering your baby is crawling all over and playing with everything he can find? Usually he will first wake up for a bottle, and if he is really tired he will fall asleep while drinking it, not opening his eyes at all. But other times he doesn’t go back to sleep but gets out of bed instead. The little rascal! We have a rocking chair in the living room and he tries to stand up while holding on to it, but has to give up after a few tries. He can’t figure out why the chair won’t hold still.

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