My Birthday – by Logan

I thought that for my birthday I would take you through my life in this past year. So let’s get started.

Here I am in the hospital. Is that really me?? I was so scrawny. Even the newborn diapers didn’t fit me properly.

But by the time I was 2 months old I had filled out nicely.

Look at that. I could hold my toy at 3 months.

At 4 months I went on my first vacation. I look like such a beach bum, don’t I?

I got my walker at 5 months and started using it, though I couldn’t touch the floor at that time.

By 6 months I was stealing the girls hearts away. Can’t you see why?

By 7 months I learned that play with daddy can be fun.

By 8 months I could sit in the bath and splash on my own. I loved it.

At 9 months I tried to drive a car. Don’t believe me? Check out the photo below. Mommy caught me heading out by myself. She said I am not allowed to drive until I am tall enough to reach the pedals and I have my license. I hope that will be soon.

At 10 months I took my first train ride with mommy and daddy from Mangalore to Chennai, a 16 hour trip.

At 11 months I could kneel on my own. And I had finally gotten this crawling business down. It’s harder than it looks.

And here I am at 12 months. I’ve got my own bed, can hold my own bottle, and I love this cozy corner.

And I suppose you are wondering what I did for my birthday? Well, mommy organized a small party for some of my friends and she made me a cake. The party theme was “Down on the Farm”. I looked like a farmer in my overalls and we played animal games like pin the tail on the donkey, matching mommy and baby animals, horse races (daddy had to be a horse), and we colored animal pictures.

Here is my yummy cake. It was a carrot cake with chocolate icing and lots of decorations.

Mommy also made me a cake with one candle.

Daddy helped me blow the candle out.

All my friends at the party.

It’s been a long year and I have grown up and learned a lot.  Love you all. – Logan

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