My Toys – By Logan

Hi everyone. This is Logan. Usually mommy does all the talking on here and all she can talk about is me (ok, so I’m very important), but I want to talk about something I like – my toys.
These are my “odds and ends” toys. I like the ball because it makes noise, and I love to bang those cups together. Mommy tries to stack them for me but I knock them down quickly. It’s not good to leave anything standing. The little lamb came from grandma, and the key ring is one of my favorites because it makes so much noise. Each of the buttons makes a sound like an engine running, a siren, etc.
Next we have my rattle and teether collection. You can’t imagine how much fun it is to shake something that makes noise.
Ahhh, it’s Nemo. I like Nemo because he swims (on wheels) around the room and I chase him. He also sings this very annoying song that mommy doesn’t like, over and over, but hey, I love it! The best thing to do is corner him and then knock him over. He lies there flapping his flippers and singing away as if nothing has happened.

These are my newest toys. I like to chew on them. Mommy tries to stand them up and I knock them down.

I really like my cars. They fit inside each other as well as stack on top of each other, and guess what I do to them when they are stacked!!! They also make a lot of noise when banged on the floor.

Here are some pals that mommy saved for me for a long time. I like Roo because he jumps. Just push his head down and watch him jump up, though he usually lands on his nose instead of his feet, poor guy. ( I fell on my nose the other day so I know how much it hurts.) Note from mommy: he actually dove off a chair while I was two feet away from him and landed on his nose. He cut his lip inside but it wasn’t bad.

And here are my cuddle toys. Daddy hates cuddle toys and would get rid of them if he could. Says they are for wimps. Well, so far I like them because they are good for chewing on and you can throw them and they don’t get hurt.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll try to write about something else soon, when mommy isn’t looking.

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