I just thought I should post the backlog of pics I have so that you won’t complain that you don’t get to see enough of my adorable boy. So here goes.

“I was just sitting here, minding my own business, when this big bear attacked me out of nowhere.”


“Uh, a little help please.”


Trying to decide if the grass is edible or not.


“I love playing outside. Eating grass and plants is fun, not to mention very nutritious. But for some reason mommy doesn’t think so. I wonder why?”


Daddy posing for the camera as he enjoys his favorite pastime.


What a mess! We were going out so I gave him a cracker to keep him quiet while I got dressed.


“I love to play in water, especially when mommy doesn’t want me to.” He got so wet but I couldn’t say no to letting him splash for a while.


Getting wet is such fun.


My happy boy.



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