Logan Loves His Daddy

One night recently, shortly before Glad got home, Logan started saying “Dada? Dada?” And he was looking around like he was expecting daddy to be there. When daddy finally got home, Logan’s reaction was priceless. He started shouting “Dada, Dada” and wouldn’t stop. He was so excited to see daddy! So now he looks forward to seeing daddy when he gets home, and he loves playing with him every day. I think he misses daddy if he doesn’t get a chance to play with him.

It is so cute to hear the way he says “Dada”. Usually he stretches it out a little and says “Dadadada”. He will only call me when he is upset with something and wants me right away. Even then he only says “Maa” in a mad voice. I guess he’s figured out that daddy is the one to call for fun and mommy is the one to call when you have a problem.

He got a new tooth about a week ago, one of the top front ones. I didn’t know he had it until he bit my finger and I felt teeth on both sides of it. He grinds the top and bottom teeth together, probably because it feels so weird to have something growing in his mouth.

Here are some more new pictures.

What is wrong with daddy?? They were playing with Logan’s plastic animals and daddy had the sounds and actions to go with each one.

My little angel.

What do you think of my hair?

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