New Pics

Here are some more new pics of Logan. In this first one, he has a triumphant look because he has done something he normally never gets to do – grab daddy’s feet. He always tries to get them when in his walker but daddy never lets him. This time daddy was busy on the computer so he didn’t see Logan coming up in front of him. The look on his face when he grabbed daddy’s feet was priceless.

“Hurray! I did it!”

Here is the busy little boy playing on the floor. He likes to play with all his toys at the same time. Now he tries to move forward, but I can’t call it crawling yet as he doesn’t get up on his hands and knees. Instead he will push himself forward “like a seal” someone said today. He will throw himself forward and fall on his tummy when he is trying to catch a toy that has gotten out of reach. Watching him play is so much fun.

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