Growing Up

Logan is teething again, and it is making him very fussy. Two days ago he had a fever all day and night, and spent the next day out of sorts. He is doing better now, but is still not sleeping well. Pray for him.

Last night at dinner time I decided to give him banana and yoghurt to eat as I thought that if his gums were sore, that would feel nice since it is cold. Well, he got very upset when he saw it and wouldn’t eat it. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was until I saw his eye following my plate. I offered him some rice and chicken and he stopped crying and ate it. I had no idea he could tell the difference in the foods. He wanted what I was eating and none of that “baby food”. Ha. He did eat the banana and yoghurt afterwards.

He likes to eat pretty much anything, and gets mad if you don’t give him a food when he wants it, but of course I can’t give him just any food he sees. I don’t feed him spicy food yet, though I pick the meat or paneer (a cheese) out of the sauce, rinse it off and mash it for him. If the sauce is very mild, I put a little in the rice to make it soft. He has a taste for Indian foods. And of course he wants to taste my coffee (not allowed), daddy’s wine (not allowed but daddy gives him a taste anyway) and any spicy snack we are eating (again not allowed). I don’t want him to have stomach trouble from eating spicy things too early so I don’t give him anything spicy unless it is very mild.

As for the wine…you should see the puppy dog face he makes when I say no to it. He actually will look to daddy and beg and opens his mouth wide when the cup comes closer. Then after the allotted taste, he licks his lips and is so happy. Hmmm… he knows how to manipulate already.

This month he seems much more intelligent than any time in the past 8 months. He knows how to make himself be understood (at least some of the time) and just generally seems more “grown up” and not a baby any more.

I was watching him in the walker today and he was moving it at top speed sideways. He kind of bounces on both feet to get it to move. It is so cute. He loves checking things out and exploring, though of course I have to make sure everything is safe as he still eats everything he finds. The other day I had washed his diapers and they were in the bucket waiting to be hung. I left it for a minute to do something and when I turned around, Logan had a diaper out of the bucket and was chewing on it. I still don’t know how he managed to reach down from the walker and get it out. And he wasn’t very happy when I took it away. He gets very offended when anything is taken away from him.

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