You just have to see this picture. I’ve taken lots of cute pics of Logan but I think this one is the best. Can you see his two front teeth?

Logan will be 8 months old in just a few days. How time does fly. It seems like only yesterday he was so tiny and helpless, and now he is so grown up. He knows how to get my attention by running over my ankles when he is in the walker and yelling at the same time. When I ask him, “Where’s daddy?”, he looks around until he sees daddy, or if daddy isn’t there he looks around and has sort of a concerned look like “Where is he?” If I say, “Where’s mommy?” he will look at me with a big smile and even reach out and touch my face. So cute and too smart.

When I’m making food for him, he will sit in his chair and watch, and yes, fuss if I take too long. I usually give him some large spoon to chew on, though he prefers a rubber spatula.

When he sees another child doing something he thinks is funny, like jumping, he will laugh so loud, a real belly laugh, like its the funniest thing.

At night now, he falls asleep on his own. I just lay him down and we pray for the night, then I cover him and lie next to him but I am trying to not pat him as I want him to get used to going to sleep without it. He spends at least 5 minutes wiggling around and trying to get in the best position, then his eyes slowly close and he is asleep in minutes. I think soon I won’t need to lay there and he will be able to sleep without me being there.

When he wants to be picked up, he reaches out for me, then grabs my hands when I reach for him. Everything he does these days is so cute. I love to watch him grow.

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  1. Hi Proud Mommy! You have every right to be so! He is ADORABLE! I picked him up some stickers yesterday, big ones of Whinny Pooh & crowd! I love you and I love these pics of Logan and daddy! Ask Daddy to look into the camera as I want to prove that Logan is his spitin’image! Boy Logan looks like daddy so much and he has Mommy’s smile ! I suppose everyone says something different but that’s how I see him.Honey ,your love shows in Logan. How’s Glad doing? He doesn’t feel neglected I hope! Be sure he’s getting lots of good loving attention too! I love you Mercy, please keep on taking good care and take lots of time for the One who loves you most! Oh, by the way, do you remember the story of when you were seven months old? (how could you forget, with Mom telling the story over and over)you ,in Spain in your walker, about to stick your finger into the electric socket(overly large socket)and you looking me in the eye and continuing to offer to put your finger into it after my admonition not too, and then the small pow,pow which broke your heart but stopped yopu from ever doing it again. Love you Mom

  2. I’m happy you’ve figured out how to comment on here. I’ll send you a new pic of Glad so you can see.


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