Gaining Inteligence

It’s been awhile since I posted something so I will begin by updating you on Logan. His two teeth that popped out a while ago are almost all the way through, and boy are they sharp. He doesn’t always realize when he bites me while nursing but it sure wakes me up if I am not paying attention. I tell him each time “Don’t bite” and tap his cheek with my finger to reinforce my words, but he looks at me like, “You don’t mean that, do you?” and then laughs. I try so hard to be stern as it does hurt but I can’t help but laugh when he does that, though I try to turn my head away so he doesn’t see. Otherwise when he gets older and knows when he is being naughty he will think I like it.

He is getting very smart. When he wants me he will call “ma” or “mmm”, something to that effect. And for daddy he will clearly say “dadada”. He never mixes the two up. He will also cry when I go out of sight when he wants me. He stretches his arms to be picked up. He also loves to play in his toy basket. I give it to him full and he empties it, tasting each toy in the process.

He has begun “school”. This month I started him on flashcards, picture facts and math dots. He likes reading books with me and will sit and listen when I read him poems. When I make animal noises for him, he looks at me like, “What happened to you?” and smiles real big like it is the funniest thing.

He also likes to watch videos. I don’t let him watch a lot but I think once a day is ok. He only watches 15 to 30 minutes at the most, depending on how interested he is that day. He really likes the Kiddie Viddie series as well as the Baby Einstein series. It is so cute to watch him as he watches a video. The other day I showed him something new, a Winnie the Pooh show and he was all ears for the 10 minutes that it lasted, though he didn’t like it as much as the other videos. I think he likes the other ones better since they are all live as opposed to animation or cartoons. If there are children or animals doing something, so much the better. He will pay attention to that much more.

He is getting cuter by the day. Here he is exploring the balcony. It is very tiny so he can’t go far, but he has fun watching the people and cars go by.

It is monsoon now so it has been cold lately, so when we go out I have to dress him warm. Sounds funny but it does get quite cold here in Bangalore during the monsoon. It was very windy on this particular day so I had him all bundled up. He looks so cute dressed in winter clothes.

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  1. Boy, he is getting cuter by the day.I think he is going to be a smart little boy. I know you will be a good mommy & teacher for him. Wish I could be there to hold the little fella. I love all the pictures.


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