They Have Arrived…

Teeth, that is. Logan now has two teeth as of 5 days ago. The first one peeked out on Friday and the second one just yesterday. It is so cute to see the tiny part of a tooth sticking out. Now I have to be careful with putting my fingers in his mouth. The other day I forgot and he chomped down with that one quarter of a tooth on my nail. Talk about pain! I used to let him bite my fingers before as a comforting thing, but now I pull back every time he grabs my hand and tries to get my fingers in his mouth, but it seems he prefers to bite fingers to toys or anything else.

Here is my cute little guy going out for a walk. He loves to be in the stroller as long as it is moving, so I can get some good exercise walking him around. He just looks at everything around, from the cars to cows to trees and all the people who stare at him.

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