Lots of New Pics

Well, I decided not to make you wait any longer so I got the batteries for the camera right away and here are a whole bunch of new pics.
First we have Mr. Mango face.

He held my hand tightly to make sure I didn’t take the seed away.

He loves his playtime with daddy. He knows that when daddy shows up, it’s time to play and they have lots of fun together.

Here he is taking up the whole bed. Now you know why I am so desperate to get a crib.

One night when I was busy, Glad kept Logan for a while. When I finally came to see them, this is what I found. Sleepyheads.

Cool boy.

Since Glad told me he can never remember the birthday of anyone in his family, I was prepared to be forgotten. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and found this on the counter. The card is so cute, and exactly the kind I would expect from him – something to do with superhero genies and magic carpets. And he knows I love chocolate and flowers. Can’t ask for a more perfect husband. And I loved him so much for making the effort to not forget. Thank you, Sweetie, for making my birthday super special.

On our way out for my birthday lunch.

Logan having fun in his first fancy restaurant. Since he wasn’t happy just sitting, some of the waitresses took him around while we ate, for part of the time.

My sleepy boy.

Here is Logan with his friend Eric. Eric is almost 1 year old. They love to play together.

After bathtime. I love you all.

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