Actually, that statement is from Logan, not me. And yes, he loves to eat. Real food, that is. He was introduced to solids when about a week shy of 6 months and since then has eaten at least once daily, sometimes twice. What does he like? Anything I give him. He isn’t picky, something I’m very thankful for.

He has eaten banana, yoghurt, potato, carrot, apple, orange, cracked wheat, chicken, egg, papaya, french toast, sweet lime, mango…did I leave anything out? All foods are blended or mashed with nothing added, no salt, sweetener, nothing. And he loves it. Whatever I give him, he eats.

Many times I have come to the table to eat and if I don’t make sure he isn’t hungry, he fusses for what I have. Sometimes what I am eating isn’t appropriate for him, it’s spicy or whatever, so I just have to say sorry you can’t have it. He looks at me with this puppy dog look in his eyes, so sad that I’m not giving him any. So now I try to be prepared in advance by having some food ready for him to eat when I do. He is much happier with that.

Today he had his first “full meal” by eating chicken, potato and carrots for lunch. Before I had only given one kind of food at a time, but so far he hasn’t had any reaction to any food so I am trying this approach. And in case you are wondering, I am NOT giving him junk food like ice cream, chocolate, etc. I don’t want him to get accustomed to that stuff (even though those are my personal favorites, ha). I will let him later when he is older and has a good start with healthy food, but of course in moderation (meaning once in a great while). Maybe his birthday will be a good place to start.

All this eating is making him grow bigger and heavier. I can’t carry him around very long before he gets too heavy and I have to put him down. I wish I could show you the pics we took of him sucking on a mango seed, but that will have to wait as I can’t get the pics off the camera until we get some batteries. Must do that soon. He loved that seed and cried when it was taken away. And he was a mess. But what to do? The experience was fun and he loved it.

So that is to whet your appetite for the pictures that will come soon. Until then, eat healthy, just like Logan.

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