Six Months Old

He made it! Logan is now six months old, and somehow seems so grown up. On Mother’s Day, which was also the day he turned six months, he slept in for the first time in about 3 months. He normally gets up at 6:30 on the dot every morning but that day he slept until 7:45. How nice was that? I loved it. Had a quiet morning for a change. But the next morning and since then he is back up at 6:30. That was his gift to me, but he doesn’t plan on getting up late every day. Ha.

His new thing that he does after nursing is to make this bubble noise with his mouth. He even does it when asleep. It is so cute.

Here he only looks like he is sitting alone, but he can’t actually do it. I let go and took it fast.

This was before I took the above one. He almost fell but I caught him in time.

Logan and Daddy having a conversation.

My adorable pooch.

Sleeping late on Mother’s Day. His gift to me.

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  1. Hi Mercy, I loved your comment on my blog, about me not posting. Actually,there is a ton of stuff to talk about and share, but most people don’t have the time to read it all. We did get a camera the other day, so we can start taking pictures, so you can see us. And it will be on my blog, so you can start going there again. Ha! Logan sure is growing. There is a young couple here who have a six month old boy, so I know what Logan must be like. I love you still, even though I don’t post 😦 ! Ha!


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