New Tricks

Logan learned a new trick today – rolling over. Yes, he hasn’t been able to do it until now. It was so nice to be able to leave him on the bed and know he wouldn’t fall off since he couldn’t move from where he was. But today I left him there while working on the computer and when I looked up, I saw him rolling almost onto his tummy and back again. I had been wondering when this would happen. Now I won’t be able to leave him alone for a minute unless he is well protected.

You’re probably thinking, “Why don’t you just stick him in his crib when you have to leave the room?” Good question. And the answer is simple – we don’t have a crib. I’ve wanted to buy one for a long time but we just don’t have the money for it yet. A good wooden crib is not cheap here, plus you also have to get the mattress made specially, since the ones they sell are the worst I’ve seen as far as mattresses go. I don’t like the collapsible cribs they have here. Even though cheaper, they are much less sturdy and aren’t even safe for a child once they learn to stand up. So I am waiting until we save up enough to get a proper wooden crib. Pray for us to get one soon as Logan takes up too much space in the bed and we don’t fit.

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  1. Hi Mercy,An absolute darling of a nephew there – I see these proud aunts here beam with (maternal) pride everytime they talk bt Logan. The rolling will soon turn into a crawl and then you both are gonna have a ball when he starts running. A piece of advice – the next time Glad hollers cos of his son’s soiled diapers- appoint him in-charge of ablutions till Logan’s old enough to clean up himself. LOL!You three make a lovely family! God bless!!!Amar


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