Some New Pics and Things About Logan

Logan is now 5 1/2 months old. Here are some new things about him.

– He doesn’t suck his thumb any more. Stopped on his own.
– He can move the walker slightly backwards as his feet just barely touch the floor when he leans forward in the walker.
– He laughs when you play with him.
– He is VERY ticklish.
– He can make some of the funniest faces.

Happy boy.

“I love my trucks.”

“Mom, enough with the photos already!”

Watching his first video – Baby Einstein.

“Do I really have to sit here?”

“Yum, yum.”

“What? It was good.”

Time for a little footsie.

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  1. We love all those beautiful pictures of a beautiful boy. Wow, who would have thought he spent the first days of his life in the hospital because he was premature. He’s making up for it now. I love you guys.

  2. Hez beautiful…Hez definitely got gladu’s ears otherwise hez a copy of u mercy.Love u guys


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