Adventures in Parenting

I have to tell you about the thing that can terrify a grown man. It happened yesterday morning. I was making my coffee while holding Logan on my hip facing out and Glad was cooking, and we were totally unsuspecting of what Logan was going to do next. As I was pouring the milk into my cup, I heard a loud noise and felt something fall next to me. Then I heard Glad scream and run to the other side of the kitchen.

Now, Glad doesn’t normally scream and run when something happens, so this must have been pretty bad. At the same instant I knew what it was. Logan had gone doo-doo and it fell out of his diaper, onto the counter and the floor. I managed to get him off me so that I didn’t get the worst of it and I kept filling my cup with milk. Glad yelled at me to clean the baby and leave the coffee, saying he would make the coffee but that I had to get the baby out of there. All I could do was laugh at the whole situation, but I was mostly laughing at how freaked out he was.

You’re probably wondering why it fell out. Well, he wears cloth diapers and plastic pants in the house, and the plastics I have for him are loose at the leg so as to avoid him getting a rash. (They aren’t super loose but I don’t like those ones that have a tight elastic at the leg as in the heat we get here, he could easily get a diaper rash.) So it just slipped out. If you’re a mother you know what those nursing baby liquid doo-doo’s are like.

Well, I kept laughing as I took the baby upstairs to wash him and I asked Glad to clean the mess as there were other people around and I didn’t want them to bother with it. About 10 minutes later, Glad comes up and says he’ll take the baby so I can clean the mess. I was so surprised that he hadn’t cleaned it yet that I had to laugh again. He is terrified of cleaning doo-doo and avoids it at all costs. So yes, I had to clean the mess in the kitchen since when I came close to him to ask him to clean it again, he swooped up the baby and ran. I think this is the only thing he fears in life. He’ll tackle giant rats, fix a clogged sink, or capture a lion (have yet to see him do this one), but if there is doo-doo involved, he shrinks away and almost dies.

Well, maybe someday he’ll learn how to take care of it. He says maybe by the time Logan has children. That means never. Ha.

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  1. HiThanks for sending us the link.Good to see updates about logan.Hez very cute.Hope you guys are fine.Take care and God Bless you allGlanita

  2. Logan is adorable…..n hez grown quite big compared to the tiny little thing he was just after his birth.Enjoy this time with him and if possible try to make Gladu clean Logan’s doo-doo 😉

  3. Ha. I’ll try. The day he does we’ll celebrate.

  4. Ha hahahaha, That was a super funny situation, & I think laughing is the best thing to do. I feel for Glad, because doo doo is something a baby doesn’t stop doing, & maybe, just maybe, something might come up where you have to be away for a few hours or something, & Logan will have another big doo-doo. Maybe he will start on his potty training right away.


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