Teething Time

Yes, Logan is teething in full. He constantly has to have something in his mouth, and his mouth is always open, either waiting for something to fall in it or waiting to drop it onto some unsuspecting toy or your hand. He will chew on anything. I finally had to get him a proper chew toy but he still can’t figure out how to keep it in his mouth. He bites hard now and sometimes bites when nursing. I’m not looking forward to nursing him with a mouth full of teeth.

He likes to sit upright now and prefers that to lying down, so the other day we bought him a walker. He can’t touch the floor yet but likes to sit up and look around, or bend over and chew on the toys that come with it. He looks so cute sitting there but not touching the floor. I think that when he finally does touch the floor, I won’t be able to keep him in one place.

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  1. Logan is getting to be so big. He looks very healthy & happy. I’m so glad you guys had a good vacation in Goa. I love the pictures. Keep posting. Love you all,Dad


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