Happy Birthday, Josh!

It’s that time of year again. Josh, you are another year older. How does it feel?

I still remember you as a 6 year old with a tool pouch going around and fixing everything in sight with your hammer.

I remember when you lost your shoe in the ocean and had to go home on the bus with one shoe.

I remember the summer when you were 13, going to work on that farm just because you enjoyed farm life so much.

I remember the naughty things you told me that you and Steve used to do right under mom’s nose as teens.

I remember the longest letter you ever sent me was an argument proving that breasts are fat and not muscle.

And how could I forget freezing my butt off while you showed me around your barn in the freezing cold, so proud of the few animals you had at the time.

I’m sure there are many more memories but time fails me to tell you of them, so I’m going to end here with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you have a wonderful day and all your wishes for the year come true.

Proud father with his first daughter.

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