Vacation Highlights

Well, I finally get to sit and write about our vacation. I am only going to put the highlights as most of the 10 days were spent doing routine things – mostly things involving the care of the baby. So here we go with what we did on vacation.

Glad drove some people in the car while Logan and I went with the rest by bus. We took a night bus that had beds instead of seats all along the sides. I’ve never seen anything like it. The aisle was no more than a foot and a half wide and the beds were about 5 ½ feet by 2 ½ feet. It wasn’t very easy to sleep in as I spent most of my time hanging on and trying to not fall out of bed.

Inside the bus. See how squishy it was?

The trip takes about 14 hours so most prefer it to be while they are sleeping, which in a way is good as you get something done while you are sleeping but it was hard to nurse the baby while the bus was swaying side to side. There is one portion of the road on the way to Goa that is very winding and it takes a good two to three hours to drive it. On the way back it was easier as that portion of road passed before I went to sleep and I slept better on the way back than on the way there.

Happy boy having fun on the bus.

Once we got there we made our way to our hotel. It was a simple place, mainly just set up for sleeping, though we also had a fridge and TV in the room.


The view from our balcony.

The view from our hotel room Trying to get us in the pic.

The beach was just a 10 minute walk away. Logan had his first experience of being on the beach. Well, he didn’t like it too much but he put up with it, mostly because of the wind and heat. Goa is extremely hot and you have to have an aircon in the room to just feel comfortable. Every time we stepped out of the room it was like walking into a sauna, the humidity was so thick.

Down on the beach Logan got his first taste of waves splashing on him, sand on his feet, and being sticky and tasting sandy milk. After the second or third time at the beach he didn’t mind it so much.

What he did enjoy was the pool. Every time we took him in, he would kick and have a great time, and he would also tire himself out enough that I would put him on a sunbed (in the shade of course) and let him sleep while we swam. His after-swim naps were some of his best.


Even superman has to sleep

One highlight to remember is the night that Glad sang to me at dinner. Every night they had a “band”, a man who could hardly sing, with his guitar. So one night I’m sitting eating. Glad had gone to get more food from the buffet and I was about to put the baby into the stroller when I heard “Sit down, Honey, I’m going to sing for you.” So he sang for me in front of all the old couples who were there and afterwards they were all congratulating him. It was so sweet. He was nervous during the first verse so he couldn’t get the cords but kept playing anyway and got them on the second verse. Oh, you want to know what song he sang, do you? It was “You Fill Up My Senses”. Such a beautiful song.

Another highlight was going to the Saturday Night Bazaar, something they have every week. Our band was playing so we went to see them as well as do some shopping. I found a Goa shirt Logan’s size and Glad had to get him a superman shirt, so Logan did the most shopping that night. I got a nice top and Glad got some too. Then we got a whole roast chicken to take back to the hotel for dinner. This bazaar is full of all kinds of things, and not just ethnic Indian things either. There are many foreigners who go there to sell their wares. Items range from clothing to jewelry to bedding to ornaments, food and more. The big thing about it is you don’t pay the price they first give you. If you do they know you must be a dumb rich tourist who doesn’t care about the price. Everyone bargains to get the lowest price possible. It’s tricky but some people get real good at it.

On our last day there we wanted to do something special so we set out to the beach and on the way met someone representing a major company here that was giving away prizes. We got a top prize so decided to walk to the hotel to claim it. On the way we met two others doing the same thing and each time we got a top prize. The last guy took us to the hotel and in order to claim the prize you had to take the tour of the property and listen to them try to sell you on their holiday package. In the end, we didn’t qualify for their packages, which we didn’t mind, but we did get the prize (all the prizes we scratched on the cards were the same) – paid stay at one of their hotels for up to 14 days in Goa or 7 days in Singapore. Well, we might use it, you never know. And of course, being that a beer company was hosting this, we got a large bottle of beer. This outing took most of the morning but it was something different and we did enjoy ourselves.

The only nice thing about coming back to Bangalore after being in Goa is that the weather here is much cooler and not so humid. Otherwise I didn’t really look forward to coming back to work. What am I saying? My work traveled with me. He was a very good boy for the whole trip. Actually, he loves going out in the car and seeing new places. He gets bored being in the same place for too long.
Well, I can’t think of anything more that stands out. Most days were spent sleeping, eating, resting, going to the beach, and of course caring for the baby.

Oh, one thing comes to mind. Twice I got to go shopping without the baby. Glad kept him in the hotel while I went to some nearby store to indulge in the womanly art of shopping. I think that was so sweet of him. Once the baby was sleeping and once he was awake but happy. Glad hates shopping and I think Logan does too, since the last time I took him, he gave me a hard time. He fussed and cried and I ended up buying something that didn’t fit. Oh well. And I made sure to not be gone too long (1 ½ hours max.) so the baby wouldn’t freak out when he got hungry. It felt nice to be able to shop without bouncing him and trying to get him to be quiet at the same time.

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  1. Mercy, Looks like u guyz had a ball in Goa.Logan is a real cutie…a tight little kiss on those chubby cheeks from all of usGladu u can join the underworld mafia with that new hairstyle of urs ;)Hope u didnt scare Logan when he saw u the first time with ur bald headlove u all


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