Ok, here we go with Logan’s favorite new pastime  He has learned how to suck his thumb. Yes, I know that later I will have to break the habit but for now it is cute and more importantly, makes him happy and keeps him quiet for a while so I can work.

He makes such a cute noise while sucking, sort of a very loud smacking sound. He also likes to pick up his shirt while sucking. Haven’t figured out why though.

To give you an idea of how much he has grown since he was born, here he is next to the pajama he wore when a newborn. Can you believe that when he first wore it, it was too big??? I’ve kept it to remind me of how small he once was. He now weighs 6.3 kg and is about 24 in. long, such a big boy.

Well, he’s crying so I have to go now. See you after vacation.

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