We’re off to Goa!

In a few days we are leaving for Goa for a much needed vacation. Yippie. I don’t think I will be able to post anything while there but I will be sure to update you all when I get back. I have yet to see how much I will need to pack now that I have to pack for a baby. Usually I just take a small bag for myself, but this year I’m thinking of taking a suitcase, a small one, but it is bigger than the bag I usually take.

It’s amazing how much stuff you need when going anywhere with a baby. Even to just go shopping I have to think about extra diapers, clothes, toys, etc. and hope I didn’t forget anything.

Logan is now getting on a better schedule. He still sleeps a lot, but when he is rested he will play on his own for a while. Like right now. He is lying down kicking his legs and babbling to himself. He responds well when you play with him, usually with a smile but sometimes even with a laugh. He doesn’t last too long on his own so I have to do this while I can and hope he doesn’t get bored too soon.

He is usually in bed by 9 p.m. Not bad for a baby his age. And he will sleep for about 3 hours, then wake to nurse, and sleep soundly for the night, waking at least once to nurse. The downside to this early bedtime is that he tends to wake up at 6:30 a.m. Sometimes he just wakes up to nurse and goes back to sleep, but more often now he stays awake so that is my revelie for the day. But I don’t mind. I prefer that he is in bed early at night so I can have the evening free to relax or get needed things done.

Ok, he is calling now so I need to go. I’ll try to get some new pics up before we leave, but if I don’t, know that there will be lots to post when I get back.

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  1. So cool, Mercy. Yes, I would love to see pictures of your trip to Goa. I’m so glad you get to go on a vacation. As soon as we get a camera, I can start posting pictures on my blog. This is a good way to stay in touch. Everyone loves a blog. Justin & Nadia have just gone or are going to Italy for a vacation. We need to take a vacation ourselves. Logan looks so cute. I suppose you’ve gotten pictures of Logan’s cousin, Angelica from Josh & Mel? God willing, we will be able to go & see them again this summer.OK, have a safe trip to Goa & just relax and have some good old fun!!I love you guys & pray for you.


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