Logan’s New Pastime

While I sit here writing, Logan is busy with his new favorite pastime – trying to get both fists into his mouth at the same time. He usually only manages to get a thumb in and tries to suck it, but that arm that is never still keeps yanking the hand away from his mouth. When he finally manages to get the thumb in, he sucks it a little while until it gets pulled away again by that wild arm. Gotta teach those arms to be still! Well, I guess it’s good for him to learn how to do something on his own.

I’m happy for the times when he will lie quietly on the bed and just stare at the fan or his toys as it gives me at least a few minutes when I can do something else. I always knew a baby would keep you busy, but this busy? I hardly get a moment to myself. Of course Glad is always there to take him at those important times, like when I need to shower. Today he took the baby so I could nap. I just love having a husband who is so willing to do things like that for you. When he helps me, then I don’t mind his quirks so much (yes, he does have them). I’m able to overlook the things he does that bug me. But now that I think about it, he doesn’t do things like that very often. Or could it be that I love him so much that I don’t notice??? Ha.

I’ll add a few more pictures. I have a whole backlog of pictures that I’ve never sent to anyone so over time I will post some of them.

Mom, you’ll remember this bear that you bought me for Christmas when I was 15. I still have it, and guess who it belongs to now?

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  1. Mercy, He is so cute. Seems to look a lot like Glad, but I think he has your dad’s forhead and head shape.Joy

  2. Hi Mercy,So glad you have a blog now. My little grandson is a cute little guy. We will have to try and get to India & see you guys one day. As soon as we get a camera, I can post some pictures on my blog for all to see. So, keep the pictures coming,we love to hear about what your doing there. I love you all very much & pray for you guys. Love always, DadP.S. Welcome to the family, Glad. I’d love to come & meet you & your family & your country.


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